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Tower Realty Partners’ Commercial Real Estate Process

At Tower Realty we believe strongly in the American dream of owning a business, and growing it into a thriving and importuning part of its community. To help owners realize that dream, it often requires a physical location, where business can be conducted and that’s where we come in.

We help with every step of the process, finding the right property for you, so you’ll have a strong foundation build your business. We have been involved with Colorado real estate for years, and our commercial real estate process will bring great value to your business.

Site selection

Considerable effort is involved with site selection, which is why our best professionals are dedicated to the task. Our specialists will search for properties that fit your criteria, then we will schedule tours of the best sites. We can also request surveys and site plans for properties which may be suitable, then compare these to other sites to see which ones should be given final consideration. When you’ve made your selection, we can make an offer on your behalf and perform the due diligence necessary before finalizing the purchase.

Purchase and lease negotiations

Purchasing and lease negotiations are sometimes a lengthy and complicated processes, and this is an area where Tower Realty can bring a great deal of value to a business owner. We have negotiation experts on our team. If a term sheet or letter of intent is favorable to the process, we can prepare this for you, and if there are any provisions which have not been treated in this document, we can negotiate them for you. We will complete whatever is necessary, and establish the representations and warranties that should govern the process. We will also cover any covenants which might be involved, before we move to the final closing process.

Team approach

Whenever we take on a new commercial real estate project, we take a team approach, we find that is our most successful way. We will involve you and seek your input at every phase of negotiations or development so we can be sure we’re still carrying out your specific wishes, and the final result will be exactly what you want. When our specialists team up with you, and we coordinate our efforts, everyone will emerge satisfied that the best outcome has been achieved.

Specialized Focus on Health and Medical

Tower Realty Partners specializes in finding and negotiating commercial real estate for healthcare providers in Colorado, including dental, medical and veterinary services. Our expert brokers have personal experience working within the medical and dental industries, which allows even more insight to finding you the right space for your practice. Let Tower help you find the best real estate option for your business, they manage all aspects of the process! Contact us today to start your commercial real estate transaction.