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Using a Commercial Real Estate Broker costs you $0.

Unless you know commercial real estate inside and out, it helps to have an experienced broker. Although it’s possible to work with any type of broker, the specialized skills of a commercial broker is truly what you need when negotiating commercial real estate.

Commercial brokers have specialized knowledge of current commercial market rates, negotiable items, and area demographics. They are great partners in understanding a commercial lease, and in the negotiation process. Commercial leases are often considered a longer-term strategy and have multiple variables to consider.

Professionals interested in commercial leases need to understand the condition of the building itself, including future maintenance needs, location, and building materials.

Advantages of using a Commercial Real Estate Broker can include:

Good source for referrals.

Most local commercial brokers have been part of their local business and real estate communities for years, and they have easy access to co-workers or professional colleagues who can answer all sorts of questions or meet any needs. They can even offer recommendations about better building inspectors and other skilled vendors.

Save on time and costs.

Rather than deciphering complicated details on your own, it makes sense to request help from a commercial broker. He or she can immediately get going to  arrange site tours, compare all listings and arrange the required paperwork.

Local knowledge.

Familiarity with the transaction process, along with the knowledge of the local market can go a long way to help clients feel comfortable with the transaction and negotiate the best deal.

Fees paid by Landlord or Seller.

Commissions are paid by the current owner of the property, whether you are signing a lease or purchasing the building, so there is no cost to you as the client.

Overall, a commercial broker can be trusted to manage the details. They are an advocate, to make a challenging transaction happen at no expense to you.