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Average Number of patients needed to sustain a dental practice

Among the urgent considerations when starting your new dental practice is the size of the patient population—and your share of it. You’ll need to evaluate the number of potential patients found in our local communities around Colorado Springs and Denver. Assess the ideal number of dental patients, whether in suburban areas or in bustling downtown, consider many diverse data points, rather than simply calculating the maximum you can possibly handle.

Successful Dental Practice Ownership: How Many Patients Should You Serve?

An often-quoted patient number for a single-dentist practice is 1500, however, this assumes a 5-day work week and established practice. Keep in mind the patient mix and your practice’s service emphasis when assessing your dental caseload. For instance, most of your patients are new when you initially open the office, and new patients require more time to evaluate, plan, and treat than established patients. Average visits may also be longer overall if you concentrate on cosmetic dentistry or endodontics vs. family dentistry. 

Consider your active patient load in relation to the cost of commercial real estate (lease or purchase), staffing, insurance, and other dental office overhead costs. To plan for the best caseload, it’s vital to understand the population, density, and competition in our local Denver market. As commercial real estate experts, we are familiar with the local dentistry landscape. We offer valuable insight for setting up a new dental office in Colorado Springs, Denver, and surrounding areas.  

Should You Max Out Your Patient Load?

Remember, your dental career is a marathon, not a sprint. To see the maximum number of patients per day is not your main goal—a successful practice is. Experienced dentists and practice managers realize that spending more quality time per patient helps with satisfaction and patient retention. This leads to more preventive care visits annually and more in-depth use of dentistry services for the typical patient. 

Ensure that you’re using your practice time effectively, once you get rolling, by tracking your active patient count. The APC is the number of individuals seen at the practice over a specified time period, typically one year. Track other data points like attrition rate, visits per patient per year, new vs established patient count, and more. Let this data help you decide when it’s time to bring in an associate or add a new office.

The Foundation for Your Success in Dentistry Throughout the Denver Area 

As local experts in dental real estate, Tower Realty Partners is in a unique position to advise you on the best place to locate your new dental office, right down to the actual address! We make sure you have enough space, and the right type of space, in your ideal neighborhood, to comfortably handle your patient load and grow it over time.

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