Real estate agent showing new office space to clients

What does a commercial real estate broker do?

The healthcare industry is one of the largest and fastest growing in America, due to a growing and aging population.  It is estimated by 2060, over 25 percent of adults will be over 65, driving increased needs for healthcare. Thus, the commercial real estate market for all types of healthcare locations is seeing increasing demand. 

What Does a Commercial Real Estate Broker Do? 

A professional commercial real estate broker will help find the perfect location, using the best search technology and resources available including market and demographic analysis. They will manage the letter of intent, purchase or lease evaluation, negotiation, and property acquisition timeline. Most important, they will avoid problems and troublesome delays. 

A real estate broker focused on the healthcare market will be able to find a great dental real estate location, or a great location for orthopedic specialists, psychologists, doctors, pediatricians, veterinarians, and more.  

How to Choose the Right Commercial Real Estate Location 

Choosing the right location for dental real estate, or other medical practices, requires the effective use of reliable data including demographics, population density, population growth, competition location, and competition density. A commercial real estate purchase will involve some location assessments including cost per square foot, size of the property, access to transportation, visibility, signage opportunities, and parking. It will require an evaluation of an existing property to ensure there are no structural or other problems. And it will also require a review of any building codes or zoning laws.                                    

Traits of a Successful Real Estate Broker 

A successful commercial real estate broker is one that is knowledgeable expert in all aspects of real estate related to the dental and medical fields. They will practice honesty and integrity, will provide appropriate urgency and show hustle to meet the desired property acquisition timeline, will pay close attention to detail, and have a wide and effective network of resources to call upon. Not to be overlooked is the trait of good listening, so the search for property is guided by the desires and goals of the prospective tenant. 

Seek a Professional Colorado Real Estate Broker  

Tower Realty Partners is a healthcare real estate broker located in Colorado. We find the right commercial real estate location(s) for healthcare professionals, and provide exceptional personalized services. We know the business community thoroughly across the state of Colorado and will help you find the best property and the best deal for your needs.  Contact us today to start your next real estate evaluation or investment.