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Recruiting and Retaining an All-Star Dental Team

All-star dental teams consist of some of the most uniquely talented people in the Colorado healthcare industry. As you work together, they can help you successfully operate your dental practice and provide exceptional care for your patients. Their support and dedication to their jobs can make your dental office shine and keep patients loyal for a lifetime.

Working Together for Your Dental Practice

All-star dental teams are known for collaborating to ensure your dental office runs efficiently. Yet each player also has a particular purpose of their own. For example, some team members manage collecting payments, scheduling appointments and running the dental practice in a commercial real estate building. Hygienists inspire, instruct, and can assist you in keeping your patients’ teeth and mouths looking their best.  While dental assistants deliver complete patient care, from emotional support to assisting dentists in performing exams and dental procedures such as fillings, crowns, and extractions. 

Finding, Developing and Keeping New Team Members

Dentists throughout the healthcare industry have learned that taking steps to recruit, develop and retain a highly-skilled all-star dental team is worth the effort. Here are a few ways to find and keep a new dental team member.

Finding a New Team Member. Instead of placing an online advertisement on job-listing websites, contact professional recruiters or hiring services to find appropriate candidates. Or ask your best employees if they know someone they can refer since they may already know someone likely to fit in with the team.

Developing a Good Fit. You and your current team members can train your new member to follow your dental office standards, philosophies, attitudes, and rules to form a solid team. Plus, you can encourage your current staff to pitch in and help new members adjust to your office culture.

Retaining a Quality EmployeeYou can keep quality team members from leaving with these simple actions: 1) Respect your team members, keep communication lines open and listen to what they have to say. 2) Motivate them with incentives such as raises and bonuses tied to what they accomplish. 3) Ask for their ideas to improve your dental practice, keeping them connected and part of the team.

At Tower Realty Partners, we are known for finding the best real estate options for you and your practice.  Our experience has also led us to work with many other aspects of building a dental practice, including recruiting and staff placement.  Whether you are looking for a new office or need to expand your team, we are here to help you find the right resources.  Please reach out to discuss the next move for your dental practice.