What your office space says about your practice

Influencing how patients feel about your medical practice starts with the kind of experience they have at your office. Any healthcare practice in Colorado has a golden opportunity to make a great impression on patients by maintaining a neat, orderly, professional appearance in the office and waiting areas.
As anyone in Colorado commercial real estate can attest, providing a really clean and comfortable office experience can literally shape people’s opinions about a practice. After you’ve acquired your ideal commercial real estate site, you should take some steps to deliver the best possible patient experience in your office.

Office Location

Your practice should be easily reachable by your clientele. That means you should situate your office somewhere by a transportation hub, for instance, subway, buses, streetcars, or even a good pedestrian walkway. If your medical practice is setup in an area of the city that’s difficult to reach, you can expect patient traffic will be somewhat less than you’re looking for.

Type of building 

When you’re talking about commercial real estate, buildings are generally designated as belonging to Class A, B, or C, with Type A buildings being the newest and best maintained, and Type C being not quite so appealing. If your practice is located in a Type A building, this will automatically provide a favorable impression to patients, because they’ll associate your practice with newness, great aesthetics, and a long-lasting setup. 

Access to parking 

If your practice is in a location that has considerable nearby parking, you’ll be in good shape on this aspect. If patients have to visit your office in a crowded section of the city with little or no available parking, that will cause them to think less of your practice by association. Everyone appreciates convenience, and finding a parking spot quickly can be one more factor that adds up to a favorable patient experience.

Exterior appearance 
Things like the paint job on the exterior, the architecture of the building, the windows you have installed, and even the roofing can all have an impact on the impression that patients get when visiting your medical practice. While you shouldn’t emphasize the exterior over the interior, you should at least cover your bases, and make sure your building exterior looks presentable, and that you don’t degrade patient experience by having a haunted house as your home office.

Interior arrangement 
Most patients will be obliged to take a seat in your waiting area for a while before being treated. During that time, it will be possible for any patient to be positively or negatively impressed by how you’ve arranged the interior of your office. You’ll be on safe ground if you emphasize distractions for children, e.g. games, televisions, etc. Whatever you do, put yourself in the position of a patient, and figure out if your furnishings, displays, and other offerings add to the appeal of the office, or detract from it. Let this be your guide to making your office appealing to all visitors.
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