Influencing your patients’ first impression of your office

If you operate a healthcare practice, there is no question that patients will form a first impression of your practice before they even walk through the doors. This is natural, and it’s something you should take into account because first impressions will have an impact on your practice. If they don’t like the look and feel of your office, they might decide to go elsewhere, and may even discourage family and friends from visiting your practice. Here are some ways your office exterior could influence patients.  

The Building you are located in

Commercial real estate properties are generally classified as belonging to one of three groups: Class A, Class B, and Class C. As you might guess, Class A buildings are of the highest quality and present the nicest appearance to patients. While Class B buildings are possibly older and not as modern as Class A buildings, they are still respectable and might even be brought up to Class A with some updating.  Class C buildings are generally located in less desirable areas, and might have outdated architecture or infrastructure.
The look of your facility is the very first impression that a patient has, and would be best for your practice if that first impression is positive. If your facility happens to be a Class A building, it says that you have a modern practice, you’re interested in staying up to date, and you utilize the latest technologies. By contrast, if you’re in a Class C building, that might convey your practice makes no attempt to keep up with trends or social developments.

Commercial Landscaping 

Poorly attended landscaping conveys your property is a lower-class facility and your services may be as well. When your building has nicely manicured and maintained landscaping, patients form a more favorable impression. It says that your practice pays attention to detail and considers the big picture.

Exterior Paint & Materials

If your healthcare practice is in a building with peeling or cracked paint on the exterior, or an unattractive color, that might also deter patients. On the other hand, a freshly-painted exterior adds to the appeal of your healthcare facility and makes a good impression on patients.  The exterior of your building is important to your practice and can easily be maintained or updated.  If you are leasing your office space, this may be something negotiated into your lease agreement.  

Rely on our expert team

Tower Realty Partners specializes in Health Care Real Estate.  Finding the perfect location for your practice includes identifying the best location and space possible for your success.  Keeping the exterior of your practice beautiful and appealing is just as important as having state of the art equipment on the inside. 
When looking to lease a space, we will always consider the curb appeal of the building and include any exterior maintenance needs or updates in our negotiations.  If you are looking to purchase or develop your medical real estate, we have partners to ensure the first impression of your practice reflects the professionals on the inside.  Whether you are looking to open, relocate, expand or invest in medical real estate, contact our experts today