Provide your Medical Staff a Calming Work Environment

When you have a medical or dental practice, things can get a little tense in the office, especially when one or more staff members are under more stress than normal. That’s why it’s so important to foster an attitude that is inviting and safe. By ‘safe’, we mean everyone is free to offer their opinion without fear of reprisal. When employees don’t feel added pressure from the environment they work in, they are generally much more effective at carrying out their daily tasks. Here are some ways you can create a positive atmosphere in your office.

Show appreciation for your staff 

It’s vital to create an atmosphere where each team member can offer input that gets acknowledged and appreciated. This means whenever meetings are held, opinions and feedback should be encouraged. You may have to break the ice, possibly breaking into smaller groups where workers feel a bit safer; encouraging feedback provides you with a larger pool of ideas.

Add a splash of nature 

Everyone appreciates nature, so it stands to reason that by including some noticeable examples of plant life in the workplace, you would add to the warmth and comfort of an office area. All you’d need to do is purchase some potted plants, and place them strategically around the workplace, where they could be seen and enjoyed by employees. Houseplants are well known to relieve stress and to promote a sense of calm in individuals, and this generally leads to increased productivity.

Create spaces for gatherings 

If you really want your office area to be warm and inviting, you should create some gathering spaces for your employees. Whenever workers come together, they invariably share ideas and discuss issues, and this is a great way to encourage collaboration and idea-sharing amongst them. You might even want to provide one or two breakout rooms, where employees can meet to brainstorm ideas about a particularly thorny issue.

Reduce or eliminate clutter

If you want your employees to be productive, keep office clutter to an absolute minimum. When massive amounts of clutter are present, it distracts employees and causes them to think about things that aren’t work-related. Human brains process clutter as a mess that requires managing, and eventually can cause some level of restlessness and may also contribute to a lack of focus.

Personalizing the office space

Everyone has a favorite coffee mug or a favorite photo they like to keep nearby. When kept in the office, this can go a long way toward making the work environment a little warmer and friendlier. When your employees bring a little piece of their home life to the office, it makes them feel a little more connected to the office. When they get stressed, these little objects can provide considerable comfort and help with stress relief.