Ways to Maximize Income and Minimize Expenses

Do you own a healthcare or medical practice in Colorado? Are you maximizing your revenue potential? There are simple strategies you can use, particularly as it relates to commercial real estate, that can increase earnings while minimizing your expenses. The right building is key.  Are you happy with your current location and lease? Finding the best solution to maximize income and minimize expenses may include relocating or maybe investing in a building. A move may seem daunting, but it can be the right approach for small businesses that want to optimize and improve profitability.

Maximize Income:
The Right Location

When selecting the best location for your new or relocating practice, it is important to analyze the demographics for the area.  Understanding the potential patients around the office is key to planning the business, setting goals and aligning expectations.   The right space from the outside to inside creates a sense of security and trust among your patients that can improve revenue. Design and plan your space with the help of a professional, and always consider it from the perspective of the patient.  

Minimize Expenses: Hire a Professional

Looking for commercial real estate and ensuring the location checks all the boxes is time consuming.  There is also much more involved that just touring the buildings and selecting your new space.  Hiring a professional real estate broker allows you to focus on patients, while the broker works to find the best options for your new office.  Understanding the needs for your practice, the broker will complete the research, provide you options and negotiate the best terms for your lease or purchase.  
Commercial real estate brokers know what landlords are willing to concede in leases and are experienced negotiators. When negotiating your transaction terms, concessions are included in the contract to help you prepare the space for use and get your practice open and running.  These concessions can provided hundreds of thousands of dollars in saved expenses for your practice. 
Once you have a space secured, finding the right professionals, contractors and vendors to complete the build-out is very important.  Selecting the best team will save both time and money, so you can see patients as soon as possible. 

Learn how can we help 

Want to learn more about how we can help maximize income and minimize expenses? Talk to us at Tower Realty Partners. We represent tenants looking to expand, relocate, or start their own practice with Colorado commercial real estate. We can help with your lease renewal, relocation, or finding a new location to suit your company’s needs. Don’t let it overwhelm you or cause stress; we want to advocate and negotiate for you. Call or visit to learn more!