Tower Realty Partners Commercial Realtor Colorado

Tower Realty Partners specializes in finding commercial real estate for healthcare professionals expanding, relocating or starting a practice.

We’ve helped thousands of clients find and negotiate an office lease or purchase. We only represent tenants and buyers.  We make sure you get the best deal whether leasing, purchasing a building, land or even acquiring a practice. Real estate is typically the second highest fixed cost for a practice,  so ensuring you have the best terms can make a difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars over the lease term. Our fee is always paid by the landlord or seller, so there is no cost to you, the client.

Tower Realty Partners was established to help level the playing field between landlords, who negotiate for a living, and healthcare professionals, who spend the majority of their time focusing on helping others. Saving time is saving money.  We work to find you the best properties.  We understand the process and will find you the best deal.

Putting the client first and operating with transparency throughout the process  ensures the clients’ best interests are at the forefront of every transaction.

Tower Realty Partners Commercial Realtor Colorado

"Understanding the real estate market and how your lease rate or purchase price can affect your bottom line by several hundred thousand dollars is critical to making sure you’re set up for maximum success. Tower is dedicated to helping navigate the entire process and making sure we build the right team of lenders, architects, equipment, suppliers and contractors to make sure the entire projects goes as smoothly as possible."

Stephen Strecker, President | Founder

Meet our Team

Stephen Strecker | Tower Realty Partners Founder

Stephen Strecker

Jen Demont, RDH | Tower Realty Partners Broker

Jen Demont, RDH

Megan Maxwell | Tower Realty Partners Operations Manager

Megan Maxwell