With hundreds of satisfied clients, we put our experience to work for you to lease, buy or build the perfect office space. We focus on providing a superior level of individualized attention for clients in the healthcare industry. We understand the unique requirements for establishing medical office space. Our job is to serve your vision and strategy, providing guidance through each season of growth.

Lease a Space

We have hundreds of satisfied tenants, and work hard to help you find the perfect space. 

Whether you’re starting from scratch, relocating, expanding, opening multiple locations, or renewing a lease, the experience doesn’t need to be daunting. We’ve helped hundreds of small businesses by negotiating on their behalf to ensure they receive the best terms possible, and to find the ideal location. Tower represents tenants with exceptional, personalized services. Let’s discuss your needs and goals!

Invest in Commercial Real Estate

Allow us to put our experience and expertise to work for you to sell your commercial property.

There are several critical aspects of commercial real estate ownership including the many different types of properties, financing, zoning restrictions, corporate structures, etc. Tower will not only help you find and negotiate on the property that best fits your vision and goals, but will assist you in building a plan and a team to achieve the best possible results. Let’s discuss your needs and goals!

Tower Realty Partners Commercial Realtor Colorado

Develop Your Own Space

Want to own your space? We put the pieces together to allow you to take advantage of the benefits of owning commercial property.

Real estate development adds a new level of complexity to the more common lease or building purchase scenarios, but can be tremendously rewarding! Tower will help you navigate and manage through the process. We have partner relationships with builders and architects, developers, suppliers, and lenders throughout the country to help as the team can often make or break the project. Staying on budget and adhering to a strict schedule can save a significant amount of money. Let’s discuss your needs and goals!

Tower Realty Partners Commercial Realtor Colorado

Evaluate Your Current Lease

Wondering if you are paying a fair market rate for your commercial space?  Our team of expert brokers will compare your current situation with your local market, and provide you with recommendations based on the results. We offer lease evaluations to you at no cost and no obligation.
Tower Realty Partners Commercial Realtor Colorado
Aerial view of residential neighborhood

Demographic Analysis

Get strategic about growth! 

Let Tower Realty provide detailed, unbiased data to help you make better location-based decisions, including synergistic tenants and competitor analysis.

  • Population Density
  • Median Home Value
  • Median Age
  • Education 
  • Population Growth
  • Housing Growth