Stephen Strecker | Tower Realty Partners Founder



Stephen Strecker, Founder and President of Tower Realty Partners, helps healthcare professionals maximize their position in the real estate market. Stephen understands the doctor’s main priority is serving their patients, leaving the real estate transaction as an afterthought, where landlords can often take advantage. This can ultimately leave the clinician at a significant disadvantage in lease or purchase negotiations, and can result in overpaying by several hundred thousand dollars.

After starting several successful companies in the construction and landscape industry, Stephen began his commercial real estate career with CARR, a real estate firm based out of Colorado, in 2014. Thankful for his experience there for 3 years, Stephen elected to create Tower Realty Partners, and started to truly put the client’s best interest first.  At Tower, we understand the real estate transaction is often the biggest business decision an individual can make, and we want to ensure you are offered the tools and education deserved to make the best decision.

Stephen enjoys mountain biking, skiing, traveling with his family, and enjoying time on the golf course.  Stephen’s love for golf allowed him to meet his wife of almost 20 years, as well as spend quality time with his two children. Stephen’s first phase of his career was spent in the golf industry, so he will always be happy to discuss your Commercial RE goals on the course.  

Tower Realty Partners’ promise is to ensure your lease or purchase is set up correctly and fairly, setting the foundation for a successful practice. Only representing tenants and buyers ensures you have an advocate to negotiate the very best terms on your behalf without any conflicts of interest.